Sunday, July 29, 2012

There's a Change in the Air!

Wow, it's been a while!  Much has happened since my last post - the Space Shuttle arrived in New York, I've been to air shows, car shows and NASCAR races - but the biggest thing was (finally!) starting a new job as a sales analyst with a financial services company.  While I've been working in Manhattan since March of this year, the position was slated to be based in Charlotte, NC.  Well, the time has come, and this week I'll be loading up my stuff and heading south - with a little detour to attend the Pocono 400 NASCAR race.  Look for updates of my trip down to Charlotte, and reports on life in Charlotte. It will be a new city, new friends, and a new adventure!

In the meantime, enjoy a look at a few of the highlights of the past few months.

The air show at Jones Beach thrilled the crowds.

The American Airpower Museum sent its armored division to liberate Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

It was a hot time at Pocono when the NASCAR circus arrived in town.

Pink Mopars rule!

The Thunderbirds know how to make an entrance!

And finally, Space Shuttle Enterprise arrives in New York to be displayed on the USS Intrepid museum.

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