Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little snow never bothered anyone...but it is getting old. Following our latest little bout with the white stuff, I ventured out over the weekend to see what Mother Nature left us.

Heading to the office in Locust Valley on Saturday morning, I was greeted with wet roads and beautiful snow covered scenery.

The next day, I stopped to see an old friend, Felix 101, standing guard outside the Northrop Grumman plant in Bethpage.

Have we now seen the last of the snow? We can only hope.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Not more snow...

Yes, we are getting more snow today. And yes, I am tired of it. No, I didn't take any pictures this least not yet. After a day of rain and wind on Thursday, I was hoping a late change to snow would mean nothing more than a couple of inches. The forecast had been for heavy snow in New York City and west, with lesser amounts on Long Island. This morning, we were greeted with close to a foot of the white stuff, with no end in sight to the falling precipitation.

The phone ringing at 5:30am was the boss, telling me our office would be opening at Noon (I'm working for the Census Bureau) but I decided my staff would appreciate it if I held off until 7am to pass along that news. As I was clearing snow at 10am, the boss called again to say the office would be closed for the day. I feel like a little kid, with school being canceled!

Speaking of clearing snow, I have to thank my neighbor. Several years ago, he bought a big snowblower. This was a couple of years after my old one finally died. It's been a lifesaver, making quick work of that white mess on the walks and driveway.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

After dodging a snowstorm of historic proportions that blanketed the Mid-Atlantic coast last weekend, we were not as lucky this week. A major storm struck New York City and Long Island, bringing a foot or more of snow to the region.

A look out the front window Wednesday afternoon, during the height of the storm. A few brave (or foolhardy) souls ventured out.

The Mighty Stratus peaks out from under the snow.

What a difference a day makes...Thursday, after the storm cleared, we were treated to blue skies and a blanket of white on the landscape.

One can only hope that this is the last of the snow for this winter!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Leaving the Neighborhood

A familiar sight on the Oyster Bay waterfront will soon be leaving.

Nantucket Lightship 112 was built in 1936, to replace the lightship lost in the collision between RMS Olympic and Lightship 117 in 1934. The ship was retired in 1975, and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989. Acquired by the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island, the lightship has been docked at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay since 2003.

In October 2009, she was acquired by the new U.S. Lightship Museum group, with plans to move her to Boston for restoration and display. Preparations for the move are almost complete, and the ship should be heading out any day now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Caring for Veterans

WABC-TV paid a visit to the Airpower Museum on February 3, 2010. News anchors Diana Williams and Sade Baderinwa hosted a live broadcast from the museum focusing on issues effecting military veterans, including health care and unemployment. Following the broadcast, Williams and Baderinwa were joined by others from the WABC news team, where they conducted a town hall meeting, inviting members of the community to voice opinions, ask questions, and have their issues heard.

Williams and Baderinwa on the air.

Baderinwa checks out the museum's WACO biplane.

Williams discusses issues with members of the American Legion.

Even I got in the act, photographed with two classy ladies!

The evening saw a large, enthusiastic crowd, eager to express their concerns with the news staff. While veterans have gained added recognition in recent years, their problems are all too often overlooked. Veterans have a higher rate of unemployment than the general population, often suffer from service-related illnesses and injuries that have not been properly cared for, and sadly, have a high rate of homelessness. After giving so much to this country, is it asking too much for veterans to be treated properly? Events like this bring a much needed focus on the problems these brave men and women face every day.