Friday, February 26, 2010

Not more snow...

Yes, we are getting more snow today. And yes, I am tired of it. No, I didn't take any pictures this least not yet. After a day of rain and wind on Thursday, I was hoping a late change to snow would mean nothing more than a couple of inches. The forecast had been for heavy snow in New York City and west, with lesser amounts on Long Island. This morning, we were greeted with close to a foot of the white stuff, with no end in sight to the falling precipitation.

The phone ringing at 5:30am was the boss, telling me our office would be opening at Noon (I'm working for the Census Bureau) but I decided my staff would appreciate it if I held off until 7am to pass along that news. As I was clearing snow at 10am, the boss called again to say the office would be closed for the day. I feel like a little kid, with school being canceled!

Speaking of clearing snow, I have to thank my neighbor. Several years ago, he bought a big snowblower. This was a couple of years after my old one finally died. It's been a lifesaver, making quick work of that white mess on the walks and driveway.

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