Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lights,Camera, Action!

Republic Airport was once again the setting for not one, but two different television shoots last week. Damages, starring Glenn Close, was filming at the airport terminal for several days, transforming the Long Island setting into a small airport in Maine. At the same time, Unforgettable, with Poppy Montgomery, was filming in and around the SheltAir building, and on half of one of the airport's runways. They used the American Airpower Museum for meals, so several of us got to watch the action up close.

The scene they were filming out on the runway had a "suspect" attempting to flee in a light aircraft, while the "detectives" chase the airplane onto the runway, and shoot out the nose wheel to bring it to a stop.

The crew taxied the airplane up the runway, with a Dodge Charger chasing along side, and a camera truck following along for filming.

After dark, they headed into the SheltAir hangar, but also did a little filming outside with the airplane.

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