Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Boating Adventure...

So I get this cryptic e-mail from Gary at the American Airpower Museum last week: "Can you travel to Kingston on Sunday?" Of course, if Gary is involved, I'm in!

Turns out there is a gentleman there who owns a WWII-era PT Boat, and Gary wanted us to take some photos for future promotional use. Two other museum photographers, as well as six museum volunteer reenactors dressed in period uniforms, headed up to Kingston on Sunday morning. We found a beautifully restored PT Boat, with a crew ready to take us on a little adventure on the Hudson River.

The "pre-mission briefing":

After some dock-side photos, we headed out to the river. Rich, another museum photographer, and I sailed on a chase boat so we could capture the PT boat out on the river.

Rich and I decided we got the short end of the deal - we got some great images, but missed out on the PT boat ride! I guess there is always next time...

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